Sunday, April 11, 2010

Even The Insurgent Wants To Make A Change

He Was Really Self-Confident , He was Raising his Head Facing the Sun like " Is Something Wrong With U , Guys ? ... When I noticed that my Autobus had stopped , I tried to have a look to see the cause of this traffic mess ... But I Couldn't :(
After A While , My autobus kept moving slowly till we reached to somewhere is So Wide & so many Lanes in the single way . It was the Beach road Where Driving is under the title of " No Mercy " ...
I saw Someone Is Standing Between These Fast Cars , buses and Trucks .... Standing Like Fearless Man , Standing as He Doesn't Care about anything Around  ... he was really fearless of death . He wanted to Make A change as Many of us " Youth " want to make that too ... But his Ways were different ... I saw him like he wanted to Say " I teach U How to make a Mess , Ya Balad " ...
I Loved That Scene So Much , I See it's a change but in someone's way of thinking and I hope Each one of us Could Have the Principle of Change in his own Life But in a Good Manner ;)

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