Sunday, June 5, 2011

('_') Moments between Life & Death ('_')

These moments already passed , these moments already took my heart down and made it pulses very rapidly but they finally passed ...  These moments won't be forgotten

Simply , it was a story of a boy . A boy who loved his best friend ....
Do we believe in Sacrifice ? Do we feel we could do anything without thinking for sake of our friends?  What about our best friends?

All he wanted to do is to make sure that his best friend is okay after that guy invited him to climb the mountain with him to see a monk .
He was just busy taking pictures, laughing loudly and having some fun ... But he didn't expect Those upcoming worst moments in his life.
Couple of Minutes passed and He found out that his best friend isn't existed in the place. All his attention was for his best friend, where did he go ? why didn't he come back till now ?

Without thinking, he told his friends that he will climb the mountain more higher to search for his best friend,  a couple of friends came with him .
He began to search left and right, up and down .. but he couldn't find anything ...
He kept climbing higher and higher till he reached to a place where it's too dangerous to walk there more....
 A road of quarter of meter width on the mountain side, he invited his friends to come with him but they were afraid and they told him " it's so dangerous, you shouldn't go there ..... we can call him loudly and he will hear us for sure" ... we called him loudly once, twice and trice but Silence was the Only Answer ....
He just walked on that road, he was afraid of falling down and also was afraid about his best friend ... he began to get far away till he couldn't see his friends again because of mountain curvatures .
Suddenly he put his first leg on a sand, Oh ! It wasn't the road , the road is gone and then he found himself moving down.
His both legs got stuck inside the sand, he can't go back . His bag was to heavy to carry and he began to lean and tried to hold anything in the mountain to be stable but Unfortunately he didn't.
He looked down to find a big distance till the earth. He was forced by the gravity to move down , he was trying to put his fingers inside the sand to stop moving his body but his weight was above all calculations.
He just prayed to Virgin Mary, Ava Antonius ... Moments are passing and his Life Tape is passing too, His heart turned to be like 1000 pulses per second and his phone was ringing too .. He couldn't do anything, he was just trying to move forward in same time he's moving down. Answers of Prayers Finally Came. He could find a rocky earth to put his leg on. He just stayed , afraid , shaking and was thinking if his friend failed to pass that part of mountain.
He tried to call his friends loudly but he couldn't get any answers back. He called his friends on mobile and told him that he can't go back. They asked him about his friend, he said " I couldn't find him but I'm going back, I will try to "
Again , he just prayed and Life tape again showed up in his eyes but he turned it to hope . he started to think wisely. He threw the bag away to get rid of extra weight, he tried to do the same he did first time .... he began to move his feet wisely while he was totally on sand. Minute and another and he could finally cross it over because of GOD who didn't forget his son.
He took the road back to his friends then to go down to the earth... After he reached to the land in middle of mountain where people exists, He sat down aside and started crying deeply...He just lost his mind, he became so hopeless and he repeated " he's gone , I can't find him ....maybe he fell down " . Friends and other people tried to make him alright, but He couldn't ... He's just gone , Do you want me to calm down then ? ...

After a while , other friends called him to tell him that they saw his best friend far away but he's okay. He became angry and told his friend on phone " when he reach to you, then call me " . He kept crying, till they call him again and Finally told him that they found him and he's okay .
He turned his crying mood to Silence, he couldn't do anything, he couldn't walk ... He was just thanking GOD for all his givings .
His target was to go down and see his best friend to give him a deep hug.
He hardly could go down the mountain without falling down because of a friend was holding him ....Without that friend, he was definitely fall down.
He just reached to the land and found his best friend. He gave him a hug and cried again.
It was the most emotional scene that everyone could feel.

Thanks God, You're with Us in our Life, in Our Death and won't let us even in our Moments between Life & Death

Monday, May 23, 2011

Questions from A Moment of Mind Concentrations

For A Moment of Mind Concentrations,
 You Feel that you want that Time to be back.
You Hear the same sound you used to hear before.
You pass on the same places you used to go many years ago.

But You Do None of the Above !!!

Do You remember Bell Rings of the School when You finish your Daily Exercises queues in school court and You were about to go to Your class?
Do You remember Tweeting of birds when You were already felt the boredom in the class and You wish to hear no more Humming & Bumming?
Do You remember that Radio Sound in the morning so you know that you will start your Day Routine?
Don't you remember that time when you were ONLY able to see Spots of colors and cartooned characters?
It's really great time when these moment came up now to your  mind. It makes you feel that you were NOTHING in this world. Just a little kid who can barely walk a few steps to reach the table in the room to feel SAFE ! ...

But Now, That kid grew up to walk more Bigger and courageous steps in Life.These spots of colors turned out to be Big Spots of World Riddles that you struggle everyday to answer them. 
One you solve and 99 you don't.
One You Love to Answer and 99 You don't wanna face.
Believe me, We're all like that. We All Struggle just Like You. But the Perfect one isn't who solves more than one but who get the beneficial core of it. Just like the Fruit called " Kiwi "

Before, Your steps were leading you to a target but there was a big mom beside to help you out if you fall down.

But now, Your steps are leading you to a bigger Target with much risk and without a big Mentor of Life ! " Excluding God Concept ".

So TAKE CARE of your Life, You can turn it from the middle to the edge and vice-versa. It's your choice !

Friday, January 21, 2011

An Insect on My Coat

It looks nice when I noticed that it's lying on the top of my coat's shoulder. I kept asking myself,  What this fly is trying to do on my coat?  Can it find a food overthere?  
Could my coat paid its attention while it was crawling searching for some fun ?
Could it be ...? Could it ...? Could ...? Could ...?
And so many questions that I couldn't find some answers to. It seems that it's trying to do something using its legs but I was afraid!
BUT I wasn't afraid that this insect could spoil my coat. I was afraid to get closer and have a decent look on it. Because I didn't want it to go away.
5 minutes passed, I'm still excited watching it and in the same time I was wondering, What could be the interesting thing that made it stay for whole 5 minutes on that part of the coat? and then I thought farther than the current situation. I thought,  How could this insect live in this wild world ? It's threatened any moment to be killed by the mistake of someone's footstep. It could get tortured by one of the insects killing lovers.
Let's not think about the negative side. So how about its normal life ?
I was thinking about How many days does this insect take to move from this room I was sitting in to the next room? How could it make sure that the other room will be more interesting & full of pleasure than where we are now? I reached to a suggestion that it maybe meets some friends coming from different rooms and it asks them what's interesting there.
Thinking more deeper, these insects should be more happy in the poor houses cuz they can get their stuff easily where dirty is everywhere but for the rich houses, What poor insects are living there? They are certainly suffering from cleanliness. ..... Oh! Funny 
So it's a different concept to insects.
Suddenly, I found the insect is beginning to move downwards intending to leave the coat. I made some tries to stop it doing that cuz i needed more deep thinking about it.
But It's done, It made the decision and no way to turn back. I was kind of sad cuz I won't be able to see it again especially cuz it doesn't have any clear differences than other insects.
I had to leave the room that time cuz I didn't want it to get hurt from me by the mistake. but I wished it the Best of luck & the Long Life saying " Bye, Bye .... I hope I can have the chance to talk to you once ;) "

Never Underrates the insect, cuz it has the right to see the world as u can see it too DESPITE All differences in Views & Concepts of life.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Friend who Doesn't Last More than One Minute in My LIFE

FRIEND ... It carries many meanings inside , It expresses the feeling u feel with that friend , It expresses the smile u have when that friend says a joke , It expresses the care u get when u're depressed and u need someone to ask about u.

But Turn on Ur Imaginations and think about leaving him one day !! .....
Would u remember what he did for U of good things? Of Course Yes ! ....
Would u regret of having such a friendship with him if he did bad thing to U? Of Course Yes ! ..

Reverse this Cycle

Imagine that he was the one who left u ....
Would u remember what he did for of good things ? Of Course No ! ...
But why !!  ... Because I didn't want him to go but he just did it. He didn't last for a long time in my Life .
What if he didn't last more than one minute in my Life ? ..
To me , It was one minute in my life , Even if it was years on calender , even if it was hours on clock .... but it was one minute to me cuz he didn't deserve to have another minute.

He was the one who supports me at first 10 seconds but unfortunately he pushed at me , he drove me into depression for the next 50 seconds. He couldn't get my mind more than a minute.

At the Beginning , I thought it will be the best friendship in those 10 Seconds,
BUT, What A Poor Friend !! ... U Couldn't last more , I had my Decision about u then I thought to give u 50 seconds more to prove to me that u worth to be my friend but u didn't give me other choices , U didn't give me the best of u . On the Contrary U gave me the Best ways to disappoint me.

Years and Years Passed and I met u again .... We stayed talking for Hours but Ugh !! ....
U still didn't achieve anything .... Because I count my life by the time I spend well & happy.

Years and Years Passed again and I met another Person ... Someone who I appreciated , someone who I respected , someone who always smiles at me & someone who makes me feel that  My Life is still innocent ....
But ... That time , There Were Other Circumstances.
I know that U weren't bothered while I was in Ur life but an Inner Sound came to me and I found it directing me to Leave u ,
BUT WHY ?? This is a good person , I don't wanna do this .....

Simply the Inner Sound answered : Because This Life isn't urs Alone , I gave u the choice before and now It's My turn to choose for u what to do .......

Crying was the least thing I did , I regretted that time but because I let myself controlled by that sound , I regretted cuz I wasn't strong enough to face that sound.

From that time, I Became more afraid of the Word "FRIEND" only because I might wake up Once and I get surprised that I don't have it anymore in my Life.

But Now, My Life became more Neutral ..... No Smiles, No Jokes but Also No Pain , No Cry .

"Watching the Fight of Ur life from a different view is a way better than Getting into it especially If U're not Well-prepared for it", Somebody's Opinion

Monday, October 4, 2010

Such a Humanistic Robot inside !

Tasks to do, Duty to be Done, Rules to be followed,  Treating to be under consideration , Emotions to be felt and Mind to be away from .......

Treating ! 
Emotions !
Mind !
Is there a robot that able to have these sensations ? 
Let me call this robot with " he " .... Actually he deserved to have this precious pronoun.
Everyday he proves to me that he's able to do it. Everyday I discover the Human being inside him.
But What a Poor Robot ! , He's still in the ordinary shape of robots , he still can't put a smile on his face , he can't tear from his eyes in such a sympathizing situation.He lived all his life without gestures that attract others or even paying their attention.
But I'm sure that behind this solid steel mass , there's a pulsing heart and it's not made of steel.


Who listens ? who Agrees ? NO ONE !!!! ........ Everyone around is sure that this is a robot and he's manufactured ONLY to follow rules we put, to do tasks we order him to do and to be kicked out when there's no need for him at the time.

His eyes always was like a computer analysis program. His pleasure was in looking at human beings for long times only to analyze them , but not because he wanted to know what kind of human beings is this one but because he wanted to see their sensations that he ever dreamt to have once.

Till now , Nothing changed .....! 
He's still the robot that no one knows that he has a human being inside. He's still the one who will ever do his job of duties and tasks without moving an inch in his mouth SAYING " NOOOO "


WHAT a POOR Humanistic Robot !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Eyes = Digital Camera with Unlimited Pixels & Unlimited x Zoom

Eyes are gifts from God to us . God gave us eyes to see , to feel and also to judge .
To see everything around us , to see the nature , to see the people , to see the wonder of life …. But also to see the future that no other sense of ur body can do . but this is not what eyes do only , they also have the ability to feel
To feel hurting, to feel pain, to feel Tears go down from them running away expressing How Far ur eyes felt the situation. And to feel the pleasure of the sightseeing u see …. They r created in ur body to give u the good or the bad indication of what u see.
Finally here comes the judgment which eyes should do all the time …. Sometimes eyes become addicted to something and couldn't get rid of or put a fair judge on it. But other times, eyes become a criticized tool; human can use to fulfill his needs of judgment.
Didn't u think before if ur eyes became a digital camera with Unlimited Pixels & Unlimited x Zoom? Didn't u wish for a moment in a situation if u had camera now? ….. 
I think u did that before, I think u wished that before. But at the end it was like an imaginary dream to have this …..
Try to open ur eyes and look at everything around u and try to do this after 1 full day , u will find it as different situations even if u're sitting in the same place with same things and same people but still different .
I wish I could have such this camera into my eyes, taking pictures of everything happen to me, of everything going around me. And then look at this tape after a year …… U'll become very happy to have this tape because it will remind u of what happened in ur life and what r u in now. Did u grow up enough in this period? Do u feel that u did childish actions? Do u feel that kind of cameras worse to u to have it integrated inside ur body? Who knows????
And this is the Best Feeling Ever to see what happened in last 20 years of ur life from the day mom brought u to the life till the day u're in now :)
EYES are the Best Thing we have in our Body.  Don't Lose them Watching the Past & Pretending things for the Future …… Let them to Take Pictures of Ur Present DAY with Every Precious Moment in.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Death of a Wave

Death !! ... It's a Very Big WORD according to Some People's Minds
but that kind of Death they're talkin about is " The Death of One of them "  a relative , a brother , a father or even a grandpa


Did anyone think about the death of things that we barely notice in this world , like the small wave ?
This small wave had the Right to be cared about ... It had the Right to have someone looks at it while it was dying ... But Unfortunately , No One in this World cared about it , No One thought to Give it Attention even in its LAST Moments of Living above the Sea Level . None of U - humans - felt its Feeling when Everything is turned to be BLUE , Darker n darker till the deepest point that any wave could reach when they die.....

Everything in this Life Begins in a Small Scale but by the Time , It turns to be more larger n larger and that was the same what happened to this LITTLE Wave ..

It had a Very Weird Creation as its Father was the SEA and its Mother was the WIND ....
Hundreds of Waves were born everyday but It felt like it will be the " Chosen One " ..
It had a Wide imagination about the FUTURE , It had big dreams

But , Days passed and it didn't feel like it's different than others ...
It kept Passing from a shore to shore , from a sea to sea and from a city to city

but Still NOTHING changed ....

When It became more Big , It thought that it could some abilities to have the Pinky World it was searching for as it saw in its Dreams ....

BUT Still NOTHING Happened

It lived all its Life searching for something it didn't expect that it won't find .
and That was the " Wild Life " it lived , as it titled " the Life " ....

Finally , Time came up for the DEATH to allow another small one to be born in this crowded Sea.
It had to Sacrifice to another's Future , It said the Last Goodbye and best wishes for the others and got down beneath water Layers :( :(

" Life Time isn't measured by How Many YEARS u lived on the Earth , But It's measured by how Many YEARS u lived Through Ur Successful Dreams & Imagination "

Saturday, June 19, 2010

From a Tale's Tail to Another Tale's Head

From Tale to Tale ... From Year to Year .. From Age to Age ...From Land to Land
We Still Alive ...

Look at Ur Old Stuff of LAST YEAR , Look at Ur Old Videos when u was 12 YEARS OLD , Look at ur Old Pictures when u was a BABY ......and then Return Back to Look at Urself at the MIRROR
and NOW ... a QUESTION 
Are u changed physically ? Of Course , YES
Are u changed mentally ? Of Course , YES
Are u changed Psychologically ? Of Course , YES

Then How U Could Get the Straight Railway of ur Life ?.... Unfortunately, It's not straight ALL the Time ... Every Station is a Tale and when the Train of ur Life is About to go from a Station ... Then u Have to be Prepared for the Next One.

He was born ..
He was 2 years old and his Tale was about the Sweet Dreams that he can't Remember NOW
and then  , A Tale of young boy ... he was playing , he was enjoying his time , he got a pain , and Finally he Cried so much ....
His heart was so soft , he couldn't withstand to carry hatred , worrying about something and Fear ... His heart was made only for happiness , love and live in peace
but What was the END of This Tale ? he found a Tough World ... he fed up trying to Change his Life into the Happiness he always dreamt of  ..... and Tale's Tail became another Tale's Head

Getting to know friends and what's the Friendship means, it was a Simple Definition for him compared to his Decent World ..... but his Tale of Being Loyal to Every friend to get the Same Loyalty didn't last for LONG TIME ..... and Tale's Tail became another Tale's Head

He became more Strong , more Old and more Wise .... His Tiny world began to become more wide  .. He can See the SEA , He can Dream of what is behind the Sea .... and He's Looking for NEW world .Not Because He got Bored of his World , but He Always wanted to have Another Experience .... He didn't Stop and He tried and tried ... However most of them was Failed Trials But at Least he got the Experience of Life which It was the End of the Tale ...and Tale's Tail became another Tale's Head

At Least He Know Now that his Life is like a MOVIE FILM , every single picture Expresses a TALE ...

Actually He doesn't Know How Many Pictures does the Movie Film contains but He's now Excited to get a NEW TALE ... ugh , I meant a New Picture ............

" Life will Be Kept Going As Long As a Tale's End is a Beginning to Another Tale "

Sunday, May 2, 2010

When Gravity Just Vanished

I won't start my post with " if u just woke up and u found that gravity just vanished " but I'm gonna talk about being the gravity vanished as a part of certain dream in our minds.

That part that make our dream in a constant state , that part that prevent us to smell the fresh air above clouds , that part that made us obstructed by the Destiny.

once upon a time,  i was walkin in streets putting my concentration on the ground , looking at this land while trying to find explanations of the ground as one of my obstacles to get my dream achieved.
Then Suddenly I stopped moving , I looked up to the sky and i thought to jump while im looking up to the sky .and when i did it for these " few seconds " , I felt that sky came closer than got far away again to find my legs touched the ground again .What a Bad Feeling !  ....
Long time passed and I'm still looking up to the sky . I tried to jump more and more higher but unfortunately i fell down everytime to find myself stuck to this ground again. I wished that I could jump one more time but without falling down , without touching the ground ... I collected the remained power of my body to jump again . I closed my Eyes and I jumped ...... Few seconds passed , I couldn't feel with any move after I jumped up except a shock under my legs .I didn't care about this shock cuz it's NOT the ground which my legs touched .I tried to wait till I fall down on the ground but nothing happened . I realized that I did it , I realized that what I wished became a reality now ...  I kept my eyes closed but WAIT !  I could see everything , I can feel that I can go up and up to get closer more to the sky clouds.I tried to go up and YEAH !... buildings' floors are passing beside me , floor No. 3 , no.4 , no.5 and oh ! I became more higher than the whole building ... I got closer and closer to clouds  ... Finally I reached them and begin to get into one of them .... it's a white smoke called cloud but it has a different smell which is  THE FREEDOM ... 
It was a good Feeling when u Feel That u're above many things and u can see everything .. Oh ! what a lucky Cloud :)
I couldn't wait to see more and more because I wanted to tell my friends about what I just saw so I decided to get down again to the ground .. maybe it's an easy way to get up so im sure that I will repeat it more and more :D:D
I began to get down again as the same way I got up . i found the plan of buildings and then the floor no. 12 , no.11 , no 4 and Finally only one floor to reach ground.I opened my Eyes again before I reach the ground.
but OH !!! I found myself still touching a small block :(:( someone put that block while i was jumping for that last time . It was A DREAM !!!  What A Shock !! :(

But anyway I enjoyed that good trip to the sky ;)

I Think That It Could Be a Reality WHEN GRAVITY JUST VANISHED !

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Feeling of Song

Many of us listen to songs " Arabic, English or whatever " ...but why we listen to the song ??

1st opinon : well , I listen to the song cuz oh ! i love the music  ... It really affects in me
the 2nd one :  No, music of song isn't everything ... the most important is the lyrics of the song, this is what makes u feel the song as it happens in front of u ...

But my Opinion is : Listening to a song is a Feeling & sharing  ur emotions in an imaginary life. Listening to Songs makes u touch the song as it's ur own world and u're singing as u wanna fight this world, u love this world or u hate it ...
when I listen to a song, so i feel i'm listening to music that brings me into another world, brings me into the mood of song " depressing , lovely , .... "
 and lyrics is the best way to feel that world u already got into by the music of song. Lyrics is the best tool to reach the top of the song feeling .

Not every song is good , Not every song is touchy ..... But at least every song has its own lovers who feel the world of the song, feel the tone of singer and feel the echo of the music ...

Try to search for new songs that u might find urself inside and im sure u will find ones that u thought u're not in love to hear them before .... but because ur feelings change everyday, every period and with every action happens in ur life so ur mood changes and then ur taste of songs changes ....

SO .... 


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Even The Insurgent Wants To Make A Change

He Was Really Self-Confident , He was Raising his Head Facing the Sun like " Is Something Wrong With U , Guys ? ... When I noticed that my Autobus had stopped , I tried to have a look to see the cause of this traffic mess ... But I Couldn't :(
After A While , My autobus kept moving slowly till we reached to somewhere is So Wide & so many Lanes in the single way . It was the Beach road Where Driving is under the title of " No Mercy " ...
I saw Someone Is Standing Between These Fast Cars , buses and Trucks .... Standing Like Fearless Man , Standing as He Doesn't Care about anything Around  ... he was really fearless of death . He wanted to Make A change as Many of us " Youth " want to make that too ... But his Ways were different ... I saw him like he wanted to Say " I teach U How to make a Mess , Ya Balad " ...
I Loved That Scene So Much , I See it's a change but in someone's way of thinking and I hope Each one of us Could Have the Principle of Change in his own Life But in a Good Manner ;)