Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Friend who Doesn't Last More than One Minute in My LIFE

FRIEND ... It carries many meanings inside , It expresses the feeling u feel with that friend , It expresses the smile u have when that friend says a joke , It expresses the care u get when u're depressed and u need someone to ask about u.

But Turn on Ur Imaginations and think about leaving him one day !! .....
Would u remember what he did for U of good things? Of Course Yes ! ....
Would u regret of having such a friendship with him if he did bad thing to U? Of Course Yes ! ..

Reverse this Cycle

Imagine that he was the one who left u ....
Would u remember what he did for of good things ? Of Course No ! ...
But why !!  ... Because I didn't want him to go but he just did it. He didn't last for a long time in my Life .
What if he didn't last more than one minute in my Life ? ..
To me , It was one minute in my life , Even if it was years on calender , even if it was hours on clock .... but it was one minute to me cuz he didn't deserve to have another minute.

He was the one who supports me at first 10 seconds but unfortunately he pushed at me , he drove me into depression for the next 50 seconds. He couldn't get my mind more than a minute.

At the Beginning , I thought it will be the best friendship in those 10 Seconds,
BUT, What A Poor Friend !! ... U Couldn't last more , I had my Decision about u then I thought to give u 50 seconds more to prove to me that u worth to be my friend but u didn't give me other choices , U didn't give me the best of u . On the Contrary U gave me the Best ways to disappoint me.

Years and Years Passed and I met u again .... We stayed talking for Hours but Ugh !! ....
U still didn't achieve anything .... Because I count my life by the time I spend well & happy.

Years and Years Passed again and I met another Person ... Someone who I appreciated , someone who I respected , someone who always smiles at me & someone who makes me feel that  My Life is still innocent ....
But ... That time , There Were Other Circumstances.
I know that U weren't bothered while I was in Ur life but an Inner Sound came to me and I found it directing me to Leave u ,
BUT WHY ?? This is a good person , I don't wanna do this .....

Simply the Inner Sound answered : Because This Life isn't urs Alone , I gave u the choice before and now It's My turn to choose for u what to do .......

Crying was the least thing I did , I regretted that time but because I let myself controlled by that sound , I regretted cuz I wasn't strong enough to face that sound.

From that time, I Became more afraid of the Word "FRIEND" only because I might wake up Once and I get surprised that I don't have it anymore in my Life.

But Now, My Life became more Neutral ..... No Smiles, No Jokes but Also No Pain , No Cry .

"Watching the Fight of Ur life from a different view is a way better than Getting into it especially If U're not Well-prepared for it", Somebody's Opinion

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  1. Personally A fight in my life that I have to watch would drive me nus because I'm always looking for ways to improve.

    "Have you no heart ? / No, I don't have a heart. I feel no love, no fear, no joy, no sorrow. I'm hollow and I will live forever. ~ Dracula - Van Helsing". This quote perfectly resembles the state of numbness one could get for shutting down the emotions department in order to avoid a hurt. Being Hollow, Powerful yet Fragile, which is exactly why women love vampires because they always dream to redeem them from their suffers and reignite their hearts.

    Personally I'm more of the other type of the myth, the werewolf. Unlike vampires, they are normal human beings who have extraordinary abilities. Except for a certain time where they get furious and there'd be no controlling of their rage.

    So shut your heart and be a vampire or unleash a beast and be a wolf. Just do not sit and wait.