Friday, January 21, 2011

An Insect on My Coat

It looks nice when I noticed that it's lying on the top of my coat's shoulder. I kept asking myself,  What this fly is trying to do on my coat?  Can it find a food overthere?  
Could my coat paid its attention while it was crawling searching for some fun ?
Could it be ...? Could it ...? Could ...? Could ...?
And so many questions that I couldn't find some answers to. It seems that it's trying to do something using its legs but I was afraid!
BUT I wasn't afraid that this insect could spoil my coat. I was afraid to get closer and have a decent look on it. Because I didn't want it to go away.
5 minutes passed, I'm still excited watching it and in the same time I was wondering, What could be the interesting thing that made it stay for whole 5 minutes on that part of the coat? and then I thought farther than the current situation. I thought,  How could this insect live in this wild world ? It's threatened any moment to be killed by the mistake of someone's footstep. It could get tortured by one of the insects killing lovers.
Let's not think about the negative side. So how about its normal life ?
I was thinking about How many days does this insect take to move from this room I was sitting in to the next room? How could it make sure that the other room will be more interesting & full of pleasure than where we are now? I reached to a suggestion that it maybe meets some friends coming from different rooms and it asks them what's interesting there.
Thinking more deeper, these insects should be more happy in the poor houses cuz they can get their stuff easily where dirty is everywhere but for the rich houses, What poor insects are living there? They are certainly suffering from cleanliness. ..... Oh! Funny 
So it's a different concept to insects.
Suddenly, I found the insect is beginning to move downwards intending to leave the coat. I made some tries to stop it doing that cuz i needed more deep thinking about it.
But It's done, It made the decision and no way to turn back. I was kind of sad cuz I won't be able to see it again especially cuz it doesn't have any clear differences than other insects.
I had to leave the room that time cuz I didn't want it to get hurt from me by the mistake. but I wished it the Best of luck & the Long Life saying " Bye, Bye .... I hope I can have the chance to talk to you once ;) "

Never Underrates the insect, cuz it has the right to see the world as u can see it too DESPITE All differences in Views & Concepts of life.


  1. ya abny ya enta sayeb kol el mozakr elly 3andek and you writting a insect life and you imagination about how would it think and the other stuff..:))
    any way i read this and i like it ya markous

  2. @ Ramy : Fokak men el mozakra ;) enta mesh 3andak yoom el etneen zayeee :D ....
    bs thanksss for ur like

    @ mareev :d awel mara atfage2 en 7ad men el kenesa by2ra el blogger beta3i bs mercii for ur support , i hope that u can read the rest of posts :D