Monday, May 23, 2011

Questions from A Moment of Mind Concentrations

For A Moment of Mind Concentrations,
 You Feel that you want that Time to be back.
You Hear the same sound you used to hear before.
You pass on the same places you used to go many years ago.

But You Do None of the Above !!!

Do You remember Bell Rings of the School when You finish your Daily Exercises queues in school court and You were about to go to Your class?
Do You remember Tweeting of birds when You were already felt the boredom in the class and You wish to hear no more Humming & Bumming?
Do You remember that Radio Sound in the morning so you know that you will start your Day Routine?
Don't you remember that time when you were ONLY able to see Spots of colors and cartooned characters?
It's really great time when these moment came up now to your  mind. It makes you feel that you were NOTHING in this world. Just a little kid who can barely walk a few steps to reach the table in the room to feel SAFE ! ...

But Now, That kid grew up to walk more Bigger and courageous steps in Life.These spots of colors turned out to be Big Spots of World Riddles that you struggle everyday to answer them. 
One you solve and 99 you don't.
One You Love to Answer and 99 You don't wanna face.
Believe me, We're all like that. We All Struggle just Like You. But the Perfect one isn't who solves more than one but who get the beneficial core of it. Just like the Fruit called " Kiwi "

Before, Your steps were leading you to a target but there was a big mom beside to help you out if you fall down.

But now, Your steps are leading you to a bigger Target with much risk and without a big Mentor of Life ! " Excluding God Concept ".

So TAKE CARE of your Life, You can turn it from the middle to the edge and vice-versa. It's your choice !