Sunday, June 5, 2011

('_') Moments between Life & Death ('_')

These moments already passed , these moments already took my heart down and made it pulses very rapidly but they finally passed ...  These moments won't be forgotten

Simply , it was a story of a boy . A boy who loved his best friend ....
Do we believe in Sacrifice ? Do we feel we could do anything without thinking for sake of our friends?  What about our best friends?

All he wanted to do is to make sure that his best friend is okay after that guy invited him to climb the mountain with him to see a monk .
He was just busy taking pictures, laughing loudly and having some fun ... But he didn't expect Those upcoming worst moments in his life.
Couple of Minutes passed and He found out that his best friend isn't existed in the place. All his attention was for his best friend, where did he go ? why didn't he come back till now ?

Without thinking, he told his friends that he will climb the mountain more higher to search for his best friend,  a couple of friends came with him .
He began to search left and right, up and down .. but he couldn't find anything ...
He kept climbing higher and higher till he reached to a place where it's too dangerous to walk there more....
 A road of quarter of meter width on the mountain side, he invited his friends to come with him but they were afraid and they told him " it's so dangerous, you shouldn't go there ..... we can call him loudly and he will hear us for sure" ... we called him loudly once, twice and trice but Silence was the Only Answer ....
He just walked on that road, he was afraid of falling down and also was afraid about his best friend ... he began to get far away till he couldn't see his friends again because of mountain curvatures .
Suddenly he put his first leg on a sand, Oh ! It wasn't the road , the road is gone and then he found himself moving down.
His both legs got stuck inside the sand, he can't go back . His bag was to heavy to carry and he began to lean and tried to hold anything in the mountain to be stable but Unfortunately he didn't.
He looked down to find a big distance till the earth. He was forced by the gravity to move down , he was trying to put his fingers inside the sand to stop moving his body but his weight was above all calculations.
He just prayed to Virgin Mary, Ava Antonius ... Moments are passing and his Life Tape is passing too, His heart turned to be like 1000 pulses per second and his phone was ringing too .. He couldn't do anything, he was just trying to move forward in same time he's moving down. Answers of Prayers Finally Came. He could find a rocky earth to put his leg on. He just stayed , afraid , shaking and was thinking if his friend failed to pass that part of mountain.
He tried to call his friends loudly but he couldn't get any answers back. He called his friends on mobile and told him that he can't go back. They asked him about his friend, he said " I couldn't find him but I'm going back, I will try to "
Again , he just prayed and Life tape again showed up in his eyes but he turned it to hope . he started to think wisely. He threw the bag away to get rid of extra weight, he tried to do the same he did first time .... he began to move his feet wisely while he was totally on sand. Minute and another and he could finally cross it over because of GOD who didn't forget his son.
He took the road back to his friends then to go down to the earth... After he reached to the land in middle of mountain where people exists, He sat down aside and started crying deeply...He just lost his mind, he became so hopeless and he repeated " he's gone , I can't find him ....maybe he fell down " . Friends and other people tried to make him alright, but He couldn't ... He's just gone , Do you want me to calm down then ? ...

After a while , other friends called him to tell him that they saw his best friend far away but he's okay. He became angry and told his friend on phone " when he reach to you, then call me " . He kept crying, till they call him again and Finally told him that they found him and he's okay .
He turned his crying mood to Silence, he couldn't do anything, he couldn't walk ... He was just thanking GOD for all his givings .
His target was to go down and see his best friend to give him a deep hug.
He hardly could go down the mountain without falling down because of a friend was holding him ....Without that friend, he was definitely fall down.
He just reached to the land and found his best friend. He gave him a hug and cried again.
It was the most emotional scene that everyone could feel.

Thanks God, You're with Us in our Life, in Our Death and won't let us even in our Moments between Life & Death


  1. Well-done, Markous ! =D>

    This is not the first post I read in your blog, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Your ideas are stunning, and your style is improving gradually. This blog is simply 'different' .. Keep it Up ! ;)

  2. very interesting story :)

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