Monday, October 4, 2010

Such a Humanistic Robot inside !

Tasks to do, Duty to be Done, Rules to be followed,  Treating to be under consideration , Emotions to be felt and Mind to be away from .......

Treating ! 
Emotions !
Mind !
Is there a robot that able to have these sensations ? 
Let me call this robot with " he " .... Actually he deserved to have this precious pronoun.
Everyday he proves to me that he's able to do it. Everyday I discover the Human being inside him.
But What a Poor Robot ! , He's still in the ordinary shape of robots , he still can't put a smile on his face , he can't tear from his eyes in such a sympathizing situation.He lived all his life without gestures that attract others or even paying their attention.
But I'm sure that behind this solid steel mass , there's a pulsing heart and it's not made of steel.


Who listens ? who Agrees ? NO ONE !!!! ........ Everyone around is sure that this is a robot and he's manufactured ONLY to follow rules we put, to do tasks we order him to do and to be kicked out when there's no need for him at the time.

His eyes always was like a computer analysis program. His pleasure was in looking at human beings for long times only to analyze them , but not because he wanted to know what kind of human beings is this one but because he wanted to see their sensations that he ever dreamt to have once.

Till now , Nothing changed .....! 
He's still the robot that no one knows that he has a human being inside. He's still the one who will ever do his job of duties and tasks without moving an inch in his mouth SAYING " NOOOO "


WHAT a POOR Humanistic Robot !

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