Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Eyes = Digital Camera with Unlimited Pixels & Unlimited x Zoom

Eyes are gifts from God to us . God gave us eyes to see , to feel and also to judge .
To see everything around us , to see the nature , to see the people , to see the wonder of life …. But also to see the future that no other sense of ur body can do . but this is not what eyes do only , they also have the ability to feel
To feel hurting, to feel pain, to feel Tears go down from them running away expressing How Far ur eyes felt the situation. And to feel the pleasure of the sightseeing u see …. They r created in ur body to give u the good or the bad indication of what u see.
Finally here comes the judgment which eyes should do all the time …. Sometimes eyes become addicted to something and couldn't get rid of or put a fair judge on it. But other times, eyes become a criticized tool; human can use to fulfill his needs of judgment.
Didn't u think before if ur eyes became a digital camera with Unlimited Pixels & Unlimited x Zoom? Didn't u wish for a moment in a situation if u had camera now? ….. 
I think u did that before, I think u wished that before. But at the end it was like an imaginary dream to have this …..
Try to open ur eyes and look at everything around u and try to do this after 1 full day , u will find it as different situations even if u're sitting in the same place with same things and same people but still different .
I wish I could have such this camera into my eyes, taking pictures of everything happen to me, of everything going around me. And then look at this tape after a year …… U'll become very happy to have this tape because it will remind u of what happened in ur life and what r u in now. Did u grow up enough in this period? Do u feel that u did childish actions? Do u feel that kind of cameras worse to u to have it integrated inside ur body? Who knows????
And this is the Best Feeling Ever to see what happened in last 20 years of ur life from the day mom brought u to the life till the day u're in now :)
EYES are the Best Thing we have in our Body.  Don't Lose them Watching the Past & Pretending things for the Future …… Let them to Take Pictures of Ur Present DAY with Every Precious Moment in.

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  1. Again Markous, a great idea n a great note but I don't think tht I'd like 2 have camera the whole time, I mean the ablity to forget and to not remember alot of things is another great gft. But on the other hands, I'd like my eyrd to be a camera smtimes to b able to c things not just look at them :))