Friday, July 9, 2010

The Death of a Wave

Death !! ... It's a Very Big WORD according to Some People's Minds
but that kind of Death they're talkin about is " The Death of One of them "  a relative , a brother , a father or even a grandpa


Did anyone think about the death of things that we barely notice in this world , like the small wave ?
This small wave had the Right to be cared about ... It had the Right to have someone looks at it while it was dying ... But Unfortunately , No One in this World cared about it , No One thought to Give it Attention even in its LAST Moments of Living above the Sea Level . None of U - humans - felt its Feeling when Everything is turned to be BLUE , Darker n darker till the deepest point that any wave could reach when they die.....

Everything in this Life Begins in a Small Scale but by the Time , It turns to be more larger n larger and that was the same what happened to this LITTLE Wave ..

It had a Very Weird Creation as its Father was the SEA and its Mother was the WIND ....
Hundreds of Waves were born everyday but It felt like it will be the " Chosen One " ..
It had a Wide imagination about the FUTURE , It had big dreams

But , Days passed and it didn't feel like it's different than others ...
It kept Passing from a shore to shore , from a sea to sea and from a city to city

but Still NOTHING changed ....

When It became more Big , It thought that it could some abilities to have the Pinky World it was searching for as it saw in its Dreams ....

BUT Still NOTHING Happened

It lived all its Life searching for something it didn't expect that it won't find .
and That was the " Wild Life " it lived , as it titled " the Life " ....

Finally , Time came up for the DEATH to allow another small one to be born in this crowded Sea.
It had to Sacrifice to another's Future , It said the Last Goodbye and best wishes for the others and got down beneath water Layers :( :(

" Life Time isn't measured by How Many YEARS u lived on the Earth , But It's measured by how Many YEARS u lived Through Ur Successful Dreams & Imagination "


  1. very nice idea :) I never thought of the waves in that way

  2. y7'rbyyyyyyyyyyyt el fkra ya wld :)) my successor :))