Saturday, June 19, 2010

From a Tale's Tail to Another Tale's Head

From Tale to Tale ... From Year to Year .. From Age to Age ...From Land to Land
We Still Alive ...

Look at Ur Old Stuff of LAST YEAR , Look at Ur Old Videos when u was 12 YEARS OLD , Look at ur Old Pictures when u was a BABY ......and then Return Back to Look at Urself at the MIRROR
and NOW ... a QUESTION 
Are u changed physically ? Of Course , YES
Are u changed mentally ? Of Course , YES
Are u changed Psychologically ? Of Course , YES

Then How U Could Get the Straight Railway of ur Life ?.... Unfortunately, It's not straight ALL the Time ... Every Station is a Tale and when the Train of ur Life is About to go from a Station ... Then u Have to be Prepared for the Next One.

He was born ..
He was 2 years old and his Tale was about the Sweet Dreams that he can't Remember NOW
and then  , A Tale of young boy ... he was playing , he was enjoying his time , he got a pain , and Finally he Cried so much ....
His heart was so soft , he couldn't withstand to carry hatred , worrying about something and Fear ... His heart was made only for happiness , love and live in peace
but What was the END of This Tale ? he found a Tough World ... he fed up trying to Change his Life into the Happiness he always dreamt of  ..... and Tale's Tail became another Tale's Head

Getting to know friends and what's the Friendship means, it was a Simple Definition for him compared to his Decent World ..... but his Tale of Being Loyal to Every friend to get the Same Loyalty didn't last for LONG TIME ..... and Tale's Tail became another Tale's Head

He became more Strong , more Old and more Wise .... His Tiny world began to become more wide  .. He can See the SEA , He can Dream of what is behind the Sea .... and He's Looking for NEW world .Not Because He got Bored of his World , but He Always wanted to have Another Experience .... He didn't Stop and He tried and tried ... However most of them was Failed Trials But at Least he got the Experience of Life which It was the End of the Tale ...and Tale's Tail became another Tale's Head

At Least He Know Now that his Life is like a MOVIE FILM , every single picture Expresses a TALE ...

Actually He doesn't Know How Many Pictures does the Movie Film contains but He's now Excited to get a NEW TALE ... ugh , I meant a New Picture ............

" Life will Be Kept Going As Long As a Tale's End is a Beginning to Another Tale "

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  1. I like this quote: Tale's Tail became another Tale's Head :)
    I keep thinking of how amazngly weird is life, we grow with a small innocent picture -unconcious with the barriers tht could stopp us- and when we get old we either get wiser or more childish than ever - by keeping traditions n old habets that aren't apllicable now- :)
    Nice thought!