Sunday, May 2, 2010

When Gravity Just Vanished

I won't start my post with " if u just woke up and u found that gravity just vanished " but I'm gonna talk about being the gravity vanished as a part of certain dream in our minds.

That part that make our dream in a constant state , that part that prevent us to smell the fresh air above clouds , that part that made us obstructed by the Destiny.

once upon a time,  i was walkin in streets putting my concentration on the ground , looking at this land while trying to find explanations of the ground as one of my obstacles to get my dream achieved.
Then Suddenly I stopped moving , I looked up to the sky and i thought to jump while im looking up to the sky .and when i did it for these " few seconds " , I felt that sky came closer than got far away again to find my legs touched the ground again .What a Bad Feeling !  ....
Long time passed and I'm still looking up to the sky . I tried to jump more and more higher but unfortunately i fell down everytime to find myself stuck to this ground again. I wished that I could jump one more time but without falling down , without touching the ground ... I collected the remained power of my body to jump again . I closed my Eyes and I jumped ...... Few seconds passed , I couldn't feel with any move after I jumped up except a shock under my legs .I didn't care about this shock cuz it's NOT the ground which my legs touched .I tried to wait till I fall down on the ground but nothing happened . I realized that I did it , I realized that what I wished became a reality now ...  I kept my eyes closed but WAIT !  I could see everything , I can feel that I can go up and up to get closer more to the sky clouds.I tried to go up and YEAH !... buildings' floors are passing beside me , floor No. 3 , no.4 , no.5 and oh ! I became more higher than the whole building ... I got closer and closer to clouds  ... Finally I reached them and begin to get into one of them .... it's a white smoke called cloud but it has a different smell which is  THE FREEDOM ... 
It was a good Feeling when u Feel That u're above many things and u can see everything .. Oh ! what a lucky Cloud :)
I couldn't wait to see more and more because I wanted to tell my friends about what I just saw so I decided to get down again to the ground .. maybe it's an easy way to get up so im sure that I will repeat it more and more :D:D
I began to get down again as the same way I got up . i found the plan of buildings and then the floor no. 12 , no.11 , no 4 and Finally only one floor to reach ground.I opened my Eyes again before I reach the ground.
but OH !!! I found myself still touching a small block :(:( someone put that block while i was jumping for that last time . It was A DREAM !!!  What A Shock !! :(

But anyway I enjoyed that good trip to the sky ;)

I Think That It Could Be a Reality WHEN GRAVITY JUST VANISHED !

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