Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Feeling of Song

Many of us listen to songs " Arabic, English or whatever " ...but why we listen to the song ??

1st opinon : well , I listen to the song cuz oh ! i love the music  ... It really affects in me
the 2nd one :  No, music of song isn't everything ... the most important is the lyrics of the song, this is what makes u feel the song as it happens in front of u ...

But my Opinion is : Listening to a song is a Feeling & sharing  ur emotions in an imaginary life. Listening to Songs makes u touch the song as it's ur own world and u're singing as u wanna fight this world, u love this world or u hate it ...
when I listen to a song, so i feel i'm listening to music that brings me into another world, brings me into the mood of song " depressing , lovely , .... "
 and lyrics is the best way to feel that world u already got into by the music of song. Lyrics is the best tool to reach the top of the song feeling .

Not every song is good , Not every song is touchy ..... But at least every song has its own lovers who feel the world of the song, feel the tone of singer and feel the echo of the music ...

Try to search for new songs that u might find urself inside and im sure u will find ones that u thought u're not in love to hear them before .... but because ur feelings change everyday, every period and with every action happens in ur life so ur mood changes and then ur taste of songs changes ....

SO .... 



  1. totally true .. AS USUAL u've the best taste ever ;)

  2. merciiiii Ya Sara ... U're the best friend ever :P :P

  3. I like your idea about the feeling of the song and about lyrics.
    You can feel the same song you like in different time periods in different understand lyrics in different get wiser and you see the meaning of the song in new way, which is oustanding! you discover the same song again and case lyrics are with deep meaning...

  4. yesss, u're totally right nasttassia ;)
    i hope that u enjoyed the rest of posts as well and if u have some common ideas i hope we can share together :D